OPNsense, HAProxy and Organizr Auth

Sometimes, you post a rant on Mastodon at 3am that you end with “this should be a blog post”. Well, this is that blog post. Contents Introduction Setup outline Why do we need to split the config anyway? Option 1: the auth_request (Organizr authentication API) method The Lua scripts Option 2: Javascript Web Token (JWT) method Caveats Organizr config.php Frontend settings Backend settings Testing the setup Introduction I recently switched back to running a fancy firewall on my home network. [Read More]

From Zero to Hugo

Recently, a friend opined about wanting to set up a site, but wasn’t sure how. I asked for a bit more info, and since it sounds like he’ll be well-served by a static site generator, I figured I’d throw together this post. The site you’re reading right now is set up this way, though it has years of baggage from different ways of hosting it, different ways of integrating the themes, etc… hopefully, this guide will provide a good starting point. [Read More]

Setting Up Glitchsoc (with Docker)

Recently, as you may have heard, there’s been somewhat of a jump from Twitter over to Mastodon. While I won’t get into the reasons here, I will link Mastodon’s official post about it if you want more information on the whats and whys of the situation (what Mastodon is, why people are leaving Twitter). This jump is one I’m also trying to make, though (as you may know, if you came here from the link I posted on Twitter) I’m not necessarily abandoning Twitter entirely. [Read More]

M1 Pro Macbook Thoughts

I bought in to the hype. I bought one of the 2021 Macbook Pros with an M1 Pro in it. I probably didn’t need this much power, but hearing about these machines made me feel like I could effectively replace my desktop with one, and I liked that idea, so I picked one up. Contents The Why First Impressions Hardware Software Later Thoughts Conclusions The Why I guess you might want to know more about why I bought a Macbook. [Read More]

Computers Are Bad: Recovering Bitlocker encrypted fixed drives with only the OS drive's recovery key when the system won't boot

So, your OS drive got corrupted and won’t boot, and you have important data on the encrypted fixed data drives on your computer. You do have the recovery key for the OS drive (without that, there is no recovery), so there’s an easy solution: restore from a system image. You didn’t make a system image? Did you set a password for the drives? No? Did you only check the box to automatically unlock the drives? [Read More]

Running Atom in Docker

Introduction I discussed on Twitter a while ago one of the difficulties I’m having running the musl version of Void Linux: some applications just don’t work on musl. Text editors, specifically. I normally use Sublime, but it being a proprietary editor means that it won’t work on musl without the developers adding support (which is something they’ve been asked to do a few times, with no response ever given). So I tried to use Atom, which is open source! [Read More]

Some updates

I visited this site for the first time in a while and noticed some information was out of date. Most importantly I’ve graduated and no longer do physical security work (I do still have my license though, and it’s valid until my birthday next year!). I figured that while I’m updating that stuff I might as well make a post about it, so here you go!

Switching to Caddy

Well, I just switched this site over to Caddy to make publishing things to it a bit easier. It can now receive webhooks from Github and automatically post things… hopefully. We’ll see.

Update, shortly after posting this: It works! \o/

First Post!

Well, I guess I have a new site/blog/thing. This is it. Since my last VPS provider died I haven’t bothered moving Ghost over here, so now I’m using Hugo and I think it’s a better choice. No NodeJS! No PHP! No .NET! Just pure HTML!

We’ll see how this goes. Maybe I should, you know, actually publish the post… that’d be a good start.