About demize

Put short, I’m a Forensic Technology consultant. I do things with computers. I have a Bachelor’s degree with a ridiculously long name from Sheridan College in Canada (and yes, it’s a legitimate degree! 99% of programs at colleges in Canada gve a diploma, but this one is special).

There’s definitely more to me than that, though. This is all more or less true:

  1. When I have the time, I provide ATC to people flying in flight sims in and around Toronto on VATSIM. As of the time of writing, I am an S2, which means I’m trained and qualified for DEL, GND, and TWR. If you don’t know what that means, feel free to ask! If you think this is a strange hobby and I’m weird, you’re probably right!
  2. I run an IRC network at unstable.systems. It currently doesn’t have a website. The MOTDs magically disappeared from the servers. I haven’t bothered to fix either of these issues. If you want to join, irc.unstable.systems:+7777 works. There’s also a hidden service running, DM me for the URL.
  3. I used to run my own home network; right now that’s more effort than it’s worth and I have nowhere good to put my makeshift rack with networking/server equpment so I’m not. Nevertheless, once I’m in a situation where it makes more sense to do so I’ll get it all set up again.
  4. I watch TV. Some of it is anime. You may have noticed from my avatars on Twitter.
  5. I play video games sometimes. I recently built an overly powerful gaming PC so I may play video games even more now.
  6. I don’t do it nearly enough, but I enjoy reading. It can be hard for me to get into books sometimes, but I’ve found John Scalzi, Neal Stephenson, and Neil Gaiman to get my attention pretty easily. I’m always open to suggestions!
  7. I listen to a fair amount of music. My music tastes are pretty varied (check out my Last.FM profile) but my top two bands/artists are Frank Turner and Enter Shikari.
  8. When I’m not working, I’m probably just using the bird website or the alien website. I should take a hint from myself a couple list items ago and pick up a book instead more often… I do have literal piles of books to get through!

If for some reason you need to get in touch with me, you can find me on Twitter. If for some ungodly reason you want to send me an email then you can find my PGP key on Keybase and email me. My email address is this website; if you’re confused, it’s in the same format as an SOA record.

Other notes

The name of this site is a lyric from the Enter Shikari song Redshift. For some reason I feel like it’s appropriate here?

Written by demize
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