Contact Info

I do most of my communication on Twitter and Discord these days, so that’s usually the easiest way to contact me. But here’s a more extensive list:

  • Twitter: @demize95
    This is my main account, where I occasionally post things, and where I mostly just like cute art.
  • Twitter alt: @sadsakurako
    This is my personal account, where I’ll discuss things I don’t want to discuss as openly. Like it says in the bio, if I know you, I’ll probably let you follow.
  • Mastodon: @demize on, my own glitchsoc instance
  • Wire: demize
  • LINE: demize95
  • Signal uses my real phone number, so while it is an option, all of the above are preferred. Since I use an iPhone, iMessage is also an option, but again; please use a different one.
  • Email is also an option, and this website is also an email address, if you replace the first dot with an at. My GPG key is 34dc11e9, and my email is hosted with ProtonMail, so it’s pretty easy for me to receive encrypted messages if you should send me one.
(Last modified on April 29, 2022)