I use a lot of Twitter. So much, in fact, I have multiple accounts on Twitter. Most of my tweets are on my main account, so if you’re just interested in tech/infosec then just follow @demize95. If you’re more interested in my more personal accounts, then read on!


This is my main account. I don’t use the others very often, so you don’t miss much if you only follow this one. This account is where any infosec posts will be made, any important news about me, all that fun stuff. It’s a public account; not much else to say about it.


This is the first alt I made. I can’t really remember why I made it. It’s not an alt so much as just a protected account: if I follow you, I’ll probably accept your request here. If I don’t follow you but you pop up in my mentions often enough for me to recognize you I’ll probably accept you here as well. If I have no idea who you are, then I’ll just ignore your request and wonder why you requested to follow this account.

This isn’t really a private account so much as it’s not a public account. Sometimes I post things I don’t really want to post on my public account and this is where I do it. It’s mostly more personal stuff that I just don’t want on my main account. The other use for this account is if I follow your alt, it’s better for me to do it from here.


This is my more recent alt. It originally had another name and was completely secret and, yeah, wasn’t much good. I then deleted all the tweets, saw some that brought back memories I’d rather have left forgotten, changed the name, made it match my Sakurako aesthetic, and let more people follow it.

As was hinted to there, this is where the more personal stuff that I want to talk about but don’t want to have much of an audience goes. It’s mostly just for venting since not much happens in my life, but when stuff does then this is where I want to talk about it.

If I follow your alt, I’ll let you follow this account if you request. If we’re friends then feel free to request but know that I may not accept. Don’t take it personally! Even I don’t know the actual criteria here. I don’t mind requests, even if I don’t accept it!